Priciples & Quality Policy

Our 5 Principles
1: Develop products that fill the need of customers.
2: Deliver products of unfailing consistency and hign standards.
3: Reach material to customer however distant they may be.
4: Get close to customers and consumers.
5: Give customers and consumers the best value for their money.

Factors critical to our success
• Customers and consumers focus
• Quality assurance
• Cost contral
• Capacity addition
• Market penetration
• Quick decision making and implementation
• Hands-on management approach


Pure Quality Policy

Presently Lord's Steel Plastic Furniture, has its technical, high quality, production and marketing networks all over the country. Manufacturing has 100% pure furniture grade resins with color master batches of very high quality. Our products have been accepted enthusiastically, especially in urban arears because of their modern and sophisticated look. We use ILL Pipes with new imported pure raw material and same welding pipe with powder coating which can be checked by PITAC and use recommended 'Furniture Grade Material' in our products internationally.

We give quality products with Guarantee, Warrantee and Free Maintenance Facilities.